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2020 has not only shown what environment can do to the humankind, it has also made us realize what Cyber attacks are capable of, and if we compare the disastrous impacts of both, we’ll come to an unerring conclusion that latter is unquestionably more threatening to Man. World Economic Forum recognized this fact and included Cyber-attacks in Top 10 risks in terms of likelihood and impact in its Global Risks Report 2020. This year, Israel
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HUMANS ARE THE WEAKEST LINK IN INFORMATION SECURITY Hackers know that getting past humans is more facile than getting past cybersecurity programs. That’s why phishing emails are still the number one way they distribute viruses, ransomware, and other forms of malware. “The weakest link in the security chain is the human element.” -Kevin Mitnick Why It’s Important Now? Negligent employees, contractors and third-party vendors represent the cause of over half of all enterprise data breaches.
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The demand for remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will invariably place pressures on organizations to ascertain the availability of corporate resources in geographic locations outside of corporate control. As a result of social-distancing measures, many Canadians are adjusting to a new routine of working from home. All over the world large numbers of people are rushed to work from home unprepared, sometimes even from their personal devices. Often, these devices are
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“85% of MSPs report attack against SMBs in the last two years” read a report title few months ago “Average cost of downtime due to SMB attacks was $1,41,000 “ was a fact from the same report. These two headlines paint a gray picture of how SMB is under persistent threat from attackers all over the globe.  Maybe because of a lot of 0-days and public exploits targeting SMBs are easily available or due to
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The effects of Devops on enterprise security
DevOps brings development and operations teams together without any segregation of functions to improve speed without compromising quality. DevOps methodology empowers teams to closely define, develop and release applications where everyone can have input which can be heard and acted upon quickly. After uniting development and operations to ship more code faster, DevOps teams are set to handle security as another major obstacle to overcome. Contrary to DevOps processes, many current security controls are either
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