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Network/Infra Penetration Testing

Infrastructure penetration testing includes all internal computer systems, associated external devices, internet networking, cloud and virtualization testing.

Whether it’s concealed on your inner business network or from a government point of perspective, there’s always a chance that an attacker can leverage that can damage your infrastructure. So, it’s better to be secure beforehand than later to regret it  If your defense is strong enough for Application layer attacks does not assure the security from Network Layer. The safety of the firewalls is no more assured as internal networks access the external ones and privileged users from the outside have access to penetrate into the firewall itself.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing involves rigorous testing of the controls, frameworks and processes designed for the networks related to the system. 

It lays out procedures to penetrate into key networks of the system with an aim to identify security susceptibilities and mitigate them much before the attackers do from multiple entry points at different levels.



Identify, quantify and rank the severity of vulnerabilities in your network.

Breach Simulation

Breach Simulation to identify points of weakness by simulating the actions of an attacker and mimic an actual breach.

Risk Validation

Risk Validation to understand and document the risk of a potential attack scenario.

Other Services

Wireless Penetration Testing

A wireless penetration test is an assessment of a client’s wireless networks.  Main motive of this pentesting is to gain access to a WPA2 personal or enterprise network.

Physical Penetration Testing

Detox team will assess physical security controls of the organization and will find out loopholes and try to break into the premises legally to assess security measures and see where they can gain access.

IoT Security Testing

Detox team will perform an in-depth analysis of Internet of Things physical device, network & application security testing of the IoT (Internet of Things) device.

Social Engineering & Phishing drill

Detox team will perform social engineering attack to see how employees will react to the attack, will they end up clicking the link or they act smartly and report it. 

What our customers are saying

We used detox services after having a regular pentesting by our vendor, we were surprised to see the number of issues they reported even after we fixed all the issues reported by our vendor. Detox will definitely be my only choice for next year pentesting also.

– Director of Cyber Security @ E-commerce company 

Detox team helped us in implementing proper SSDLC in our organization which helped us in reducing the overall security issue count

– Head of Security @ UK based Product Company 

Detox: Your Trusted Partner for Network/Infra Penetration Testing

A healthy IT infrastructure attracts potential customers, builds brand value, and keeps checking with the regulatory affairs.

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We, at Detox, understand this, and hence, offer a holistic approach to solve the security gaps in your systems, networks, application, and software by carefully identifying the gaps, performing vulnerability detection, doing an in-depth analysis, and offering solutions that not only safeguard the current capacity of the systems against cyber-attacks but also build a highly resilient system which is secured for future operations.

Why do your systems need penetration testing?

  • To strengthen the current and future system security– Early detection of security gaps can help place security checks against cyber-attacks. Network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services provide a holistic approach for identifying, analyzing, and offering potential solutions.
  • Amp your IT system by curbing the reduction of downtime- Keep your IT infrastructure up and running, saving performance and other costs by utilizing our Network Penetration testing services. Reduced downtime can help you save lots of cash.
  • Be always compliant ready- Network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing offer the perfect audits which are in sync with the IT security compliance. Keep your infrastructure aligned with our testing services that offer periodic checks.
  • Keep up your brand name –Build the trust of your clients and customers by offering a secured and protected platform checked. Network Penetration testing services mark a niche for your business by creating a brand value.

Why Detox?

  • Handling Complex scenarios- Detox pioneers in handling complex and critical issues by offering innovative solutions. Our experts have hands-on experience in handling a wide range of security issues and are known for strategically approaching complex scenarios.
  • Custom-made solutions- We understand that the problems of every system, application, or network may not be the same, and hence our experts delve deeper to gain the gaps in your infrastructure and accordingly offers solutions.
  • Holistic approach– We offer a holistic approach by deploying Network vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and wireless network penetration testing to ensure a completely protected environment.
  • Compliant ready- Our testing services are in sync with the security regulations ensuring that your systems are legally aligned.
  • Seasoned Professionals– We boast seasoned professionals in the security domain who expertise in Network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Highly trained in all aspects, our technicians are well equipped with the latest tools and techniques to offer you the best possible solutions.
  • Trusted professionals– Our string of satisfied customers stand testimonial to our quality services.

So, don’t wait anymore! Get in touch with us and let our expert security consultants handle the process of identifying and fixing network security flaws.

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