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    We provide end to end cyber security solutions to our clients. Our thrust on securing the People-Process-Technology has enabled us to offer impenetrable security to our clients across the world.

    Penetration Testing

    Spare a few minutes with us and our web penetration testing service will be your first line of defense.

    Web Application VAPT

    Our web application security protects your site from all cyber threats.

    Corporate Network VAPT

    Vulnerabilities can be anywhere on your IT infrastructure.

    Mobile App Security Testing

    Nowadays, both public sectors and private sectors are using mobile applications to provide their best services to their consumers.

    Red Team Assessments

    A red team assessment is a goal-based and hostile activity that needs an integrated and broad view of your framework from a hacker’s perspective whether they are inside your network or not.

    Social Engineering Services

    In today’s virtual workspace, you can never ignore the risks of being manipulated by hackers and losing your valuable business information.

    Thick Client Penetration Testing

    Undoubtedly, penetration testing plays quite a crucial role when it comes to protecting your organization and valuable assets from potential hackers.

    Dark Web Intelligence

    Improve vulnerability assessments, improve incident response, and provide stronger brand protection with exclusive access to the most complete, fully automated collection available from the dark network.

    Wireless Penetration Testing

    Wireless networks provide your organization with important data and systems. But, did you know the cybercriminals can also use them as an entry point

    Hire A Expert Team

    Let us help you in securing your organization through our proactive, active and reactive cyber security solutions.


    Best Cyber Security Firm! Highly focused on high-quality security testing for businesses. They specialize in the black box, grey box, white penetration testing.
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    MEIT, Cyber Security

    Project Manager
    I have been connected with Detox for a long time. It has never disappointed in any of the services we required! Best recommended Cyber Security Firm!
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    Marketing Executive

    Marketing Team- E-Commerce Company
    We used detox services after having a regular pentesting by our vendor, we were surprised to see the number of issues they reported even after we fixed all the issues reported by our vendor. Detox will definitely be my only choice for next year’s pentesting also.

    Director of Cyber Security

    @ E-commerce company
    Detox team helped us in implementing proper SSDLC in our organization which helped us in reducing the overall security issue count
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    Head of Security

    @ UK based Product Company
    I have experimented with Risk Solutions at Detox. Cybersecurity Risk Management identified & eliminated threats so well! I recommend Detox’s Risk Solutions.
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    Head of Risk Management

    Senior Risk Analyst
    Within a few minutes, Detox’s web penetration testing service enabled performing web application security testing on our business website. They assessed the site’s vulnerabilities in one go! Amazed by the performance.
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    Department of Marketing

    Digital Marketing Executive

    Frequently asked question

    In general, the average cost of a cyber attack in 2020 was around $133,000. That is the total average of all types of cyber attacks. With such lucrative end results for hackers and other malicious actors, it comes as no surprise that cyber crime costs have grown 15% per year annually over the last 5 years.

    In a black-box engagement, the consultant is not given internal access to the client’s apps or network and has no access to any internal information. The consultant’s mission is to do all reconnaissance in order to get the sensitive information needed to advance, putting them in a position as near to the real attacker as possible.

    A grey box penetration test, on the other hand, is carried out with credentialed access. This enables the pentester to impersonate legitimate users with varying levels of access. The tester can then simulate assaults from the standpoint of users in order to estimate the potential impact of a bad actor.

    Generally Static websites pen-test takes less time in comparison to dynamic websites. Dynamic websites have greator number of webpages and associated Database which eventually takes much larger time in comparison with Static website.

    Many people first think of a black box pentest as a low-cost approach to meet compliance requirements. Although this is the cheapest technique of doing a pentest, it yields significantly lower value.

    At a high level, the following may be said regarding Black vs. Gray vs. White box evaluations:
    Black box tests are the cheapest, but they only uncover a small number of flaws.
    Gray box tests are in the center of the price spectrum, but they yield a large number of potentially useful flaws.

    The most expensive exams are white box testing. These should produce the greatest amount of vulnerabilities, but identifying them takes a long time. As a result, the dollar per vulnerability ratio is significant.

    Antivirus software and firewalls are no longer effective in preventing cyber intrusions. Cyber attacks and hacks are becoming increasingly common, and it is no longer a question of “if,” but rather “when” for businesses and organizations. It is for this reason that cyber security is so critical.

    Still have a Questions ?

    Our security experts are exceptionally qualified and confirmed by CEH, ECSA, OSCP, CISA, CISSP, and numerous others.

    We hope our answers to some of your frequently asked questions help, but have any further queries.

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