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Penetration Testing

Spare a few minutes with us and our web penetration testing service will be your first line of defense. We have performed web application security testing on more than thousands of business websites. With such a wide range of exposure, we can assess your site’s vulnerabilities in one go!  We use both active recon and passive recon to embed our security protection into your site’s DNA. The hackers are upgrading their strategies daily and so are we!

Web Application

Our web application security protects your site from all cyber threats. We have been safeguarding billions of online transactions across the globe. We use cyber security solutions to detect cyber risks with automated penetration testing methods. We have a certified team of virtual security experts who are well-familiar with using AI-based automated scanners. Read more

Corporate Network

Vulnerabilities can be anywhere on your IT infrastructure. We, at Detox, provide cybersecurity professional services to detect all the safety gaps you have and provide actionable guidance on how to secure your network. Our experts perform every possible vulnerability test case, based on the records of the past year. We also look for all the possible zero-day disclosures during assessing your cyber threats. Read more

Mobile App Security

Nowadays, both public sectors and private sectors are using mobile applications to provide their best services to their consumers. Do you have high-end mobile apps for your business? Cybercriminals might be checking your mobile app for potential weaknesses. Our OWASP mobile app security testing services find out the vulnerabilities in both Android and iOS platforms. Read more

IoT Security

The Internet of Things is a rapidly growing network of physical objects, featuring IP addresses for internet connectivity. The importance of IoT security should be taken more seriously these days. It is not just an afterthought once your devices are compromised. You need smart cybersecurity services to keep up with your business growth without any interruption. Read more

Social Engineering

In today’s virtual workspace, you can never ignore the risks of being manipulated by hackers and losing your valuable business information. There are cases when cyber criminals use psychological manipulation to get access to your sensitive data. Hackers might attempt to trick your employees into disclosing sensitive and vital business material. Read more

Thick Client Security Testing

Undoubtedly, penetration testing plays quite a crucial role when it comes to protecting your organization and valuable assets from potential hackers. However, the benefits of web application penetration testing service far beyond data and network security. Read more

Physical Security Testing

While companies worldwide continue to focus on incorporating security controls to safeguard their operating systems, they often neglect the importance of physical security. There are times when security attacks happen when the hackers manipulate one or more physical security deficiencies. Read more

Wireless Security Testing

Wireless networks provide your organization with important data and systems. But, did you know the cybercriminals can also use them as an entry point? We, as one of the top cybersecurity consulting firms, provide wireless penetration testing services worldwide. We assess wireless local area networks including the use of ZigBee, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave Read more

Risk Management

Cybersecurity risk management ensures that a business keeps its data security flaws and vulnerabilities in check. In the age of increased online attacks and threats, cybersecurity risk management has become a crucial tool to identify and eliminate threats. Our experts at Detox will figure out the essential risks and make a strategy to protect your business from those.

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Red Team Assessments

Do you want to know how does your company’s cybersecurity look like to the hackers? If yes, rely on us, the best web penetration testing company to perform a Red Team Assessment for you from the attacker’s prospect. We analyze the assumption on both the situation when the hacker is inside your network and when they are attacking from outside. Read more

SSDLC Implementation

Your organization has everything to design, launch, and maintain functional software but not the exact thing to secure the software. It’s high time you do something to protect your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). With this, you will be able to manufacture and launch highly secured and sophisticated products in the market. Read more

Dark Web Intelligence

Enable your teams to better detect identity theft, data breaches, and fraud. Improve vulnerability assessments, improve incident response, and provide stronger brand protection with exclusive access to the most complete, fully automated collection available from the dark network, including secure forums, instant messaging apps, embedded locations, and more. Read more

Minimum Security Baseline

Availability and vulnerability of infrastructure devices to session management and DoS attacks – everything is checked for security holes. We protect your backbone network, limit data encapsulation, and secure data routing. Read more

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Risk Compliance

IT compliance and IT security has become a serious concern for so many businesses. So, what does it mean anyway? It is a set of digital practices and requirements that ensure that your company’s business processes are secure. None of the unauthorized party can access to your sensitive data. Our IT compliance standards include GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, etc. We will figure out which compliance applies to your organization and will plan accordingly.


General Data Protection Regulation aims to strengthen the data security and privacy for EU citizens. Every company that deals with customers from the European Union states, must adhere to the GDPR protocols. With our cybersecurity consulting service, we will provide an End-to-End GDPR solution for your organization. Our GDPR services include everything from audit implementation to increase awareness. Read more


HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that sets the sensitive patient data protection standard. Organizations that deal with protected health information must follow network, physical, and process security measures to meet HIPAA compliance. Read more


If your company processes card transactions, protecting this confidential information must be a top priority. Failure to comply with and maintain appropriate payment security standards can result in significant fines and serious damage to your organization’s reputation. However, implementing a number of controls to comply with the latest payment card industry data protection standards (PCI DSS) can place a strain on your organization. Read more


Obtaining ISO / IEC 27001 certification shows customers, partners, and other stakeholders you’re your organization is committed to secure and reliable information management. The long road to ISO 27001 compliance can be daunting for any business. It can be difficult to understand and effectively prioritize the necessary compliance measures, especially if internal resources are limited. Read more

Risk Solutions

Cybersecurity risk management ensures that a business keeps its data security flaws and vulnerabilities in check. In the age of increased online attacks and threats, cybersecurity risk management has become a crucial tool to identify and eliminate threats. Our experts at Detox will figure out the essential risks and make a strategy to protect your business from those.

risk solutions


DevSecOps is basically DevOps with built-in security. It refers to building security into the design, the code, and the deployment phases. With the framework, you can secure your entire DevOps pipeline. Close the conventional gaps between security and IT while guaranteeing safe and quick delivery of code with our security testing services. Read more

Virtual CISO

Nowadays, organizations host a vast range of information that needs protection because of its value to competitors or hackers. When a company is trying to prevent cybercrime threats, none will be more efficient than a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). But today’s businesses are more into outsourcing all the IT and functionality services. As a result, hiring a virtual CISO is becoming a compelling option. Read more


  • iOS Application Security iOS Application Security & Static Analysis: Overview in 2022 Application security refers to the strategies used to protect mobile applications, online apps, and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) from hackers. In the mobile device market, iOS is the most popular operating system. Because of their popularity, a variety of apps have been developed, making them excellent targets for attackers. Today, we'll look at how to perform static security pentesting on… Read more


Detox’s Penetration Testing is one of the detailed testing services, I have seen so far in my entire career. Detox team really go deeper to find how application works and uncover potential threats.

Shikhar Puri

Shikhar Puri

Associate Vice President @ Zensar Technologies Linkedin

With Team of experienced Security Consultants, Detox always delivered way beyond my expectations. I’ll highly recommend them for any product-based company who needs a Third party VAPT vendor.

Hemanshu Singh

Hemanshu Singh

Director @ IT Convergence Linkedin

We utilize Detox VAPT service in identifying vulnerabilities & their expertise has provided us with a secure environment that runs efficiently & effectively. They design custom use-cases, based on domain knowledge, in-corporating latest vulnerabilities, helps us keep up with the ever changing challenges associated with security. I would highly recommend their services.

Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma

Director Engineering @ Rupeek Linkedin

We used detox services after having a regular pentesting by our vendor, we were surprised to see the number of issues they reported even after we fixed all the issues reported by our vendor. Detox will be my only choice for next year's pentesting also.

Varun Malik

Varun Malik

Technical Lead @ Lochbridge, A DMI Company Linkedin

Best Cyber Security Firm! Highly focused on high-quality security testing for businesses. They specialize in the black box, grey box, white penetration testing.

Project Manager

Project Manager

MEIT, Cyber Security

I have been connected with Detox for a long time. It has never disappointed in any of the services we required! Best recommended Cyber Security Firm!

Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive

Marketing Team- E-Commerce Company


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