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We help secure an Organization with our CISO as a service (Virtual CISO).

When hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer for enterprises is not possible, contracting with a virtual CISO can leverage access to industry expertise and cost-effective security governance.This gives you access to skills and industry trends much faster than going through an exhaustive search for a full-time position, and the cost of the virtual CISO may be far less than hiring a full-time executive.Detox Technologies provides end-to-end cyber security solutions for the clients who wants to run successful cyber security programs.As a trusted advisor to broad range of industries, we help develop information security strategy as per business needs.

Our security practitioners are market leaders in delivering superior quality results, experts in latest technologies as they solve complicated real-world security problems.Our CISO as a service (Virtual CISO) can help your organization meet current demands, develop a focused security strategy or processes, patch-in ongoing project and conduct due diligence in security audits & reviews.


Other Services

Wireless Penetration Testing

A wireless penetration test is an assessment of a client’s wireless networks.  Main motive of this pentesting is to gain access to a WPA2 personal or enterprise network.

Physical Penetration Testing

Detox team will assess physical security controls of the organization and will find out loopholes and try to break into the premises legally to assess security measures and see where they can gain access.

IoT Security Testing

Detox team will perform an in-depth analysis of Internet of Things physical device, network & application security testing of the IoT (Internet of Things) device.

Social Engineering & Phishing drill

Detox team will perform social engineering attack to see how employees will react to the attack, will they end up clicking the link or they act smartly and report it. 

What our customers are saying

We used detox services after having a regular pentesting by our vendor, we were surprised to see the number of issues they reported even after we fixed all the issues reported by our vendor. Detox will definitely be my only choice for next year pentesting also.

– Director of Cyber Security @ E-commerce company 

Detox team helped us in implementing proper SSDLC in our organization which helped us in reducing the overall security issue count

– Head of Security @ UK based Product Company 

Only the best Cyber Security experts

Detox staff have exposed security flaws on worlds biggest platforms, and are recognised in their ‘Hall of Fames’

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